Caba-Ribal 2016


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bakersfield, CA

Caba-Ribal Festival

This first-of-its-kind festival was created back in the late 1990's to establish a supportive venue for both cabaret and tribal dancers.  Before “Caba-Ribal”(a term coined by myself for this festival), cabaret and tribal dancers generally held completely separate events and the varying styles did not typically mingle.  

The event ran for 11 consecutive years before taking a break. After this event we saw the birth of other amazing festivals such as TribalFest and Tribal Fusion Faire just to name a few.   Sadly, California has slowly lost many good festivals over the years and there are no longer as many performance venues as there once were.  

We chose to name this event THE AWAKENING as we are taking the opportunity to reinvent the festival so that it will be even more fun and engaging for participants.  We are planning an exciting Fashion Show of not only costumes and accessories, but bohemian ethnic street wear as well.  The fashion show will be narrated by our Sponsor, Wendy of Bali Isle. To enhance your shopping experience, the vendors are all being juried (hand-selected).  You can expect to see some completely new faces as well as a few of your old favorites.  Of course there will be non-stop entertainment scheduled throughout the day and a few other fun surprises you won’t want to miss.

We have many fun things planned for dancers and non-dancers alike and hope you will come support this wonderful festival in the humble Central Valley.


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